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Health Fairs, Screenings and Special Presentations

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The focus of Bozeman Deaconess health fairs, screenings and presentations is on health promotion, education, and prevention.

At Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, our mission is simple: To improve community health and quality of life. Therefore, each year we hold an annual community health fair, along with numerous smaller health fairs and screenings for the community and local businesses and school. We also sponsor and participate in numerous events and community presentations. Our focus is on health promotion, education, and prevention.



Active aging Week Program Guide
For a complete list of all events.

Active Aging Week Registration Form
Click here to print a copy of the Active Aging Week registration form.

Free Injury Screenings-Complete Schedule
The best way to stay healthy is to stay active. We want to help you prevent or treat existing injuries. If you're experiencing joint or muscle pain, let Bozeman Deaconess physical therapists screen you for injuries, offered at either of our two convenient locations.
August 28 Big Sky Health Screening Day
September 22 Active Aging Week
October 8 Injury Screening at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine at The Ridge
October 14 Presentation on the Affordable Care Act
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