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Cancer Education and Support

Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center
935 Highland Boulevard, Suite 3130
Bozeman, MT 59715
For information: 406-522-1644

Life is different after being diagnosed with cancer. There are new challenges physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We offer a variety of programs and resources that help cancer patients and families throughout their cancer journey. With our cancer support services, patients and families can learn more about cancer and its treatments, which can help reduce their fear and anxiety; discover ways to manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment; find ways for everyone, including the children of cancer patients, to cope with living with cancer; meet other people with cancer and their families, and learn from their experiences.



2012 Cancer Center Annual Report
Our 2012 report features a special focus breast cancer. And, in addition to a wealth of information on the disease itself, treatment options and community resources, this report also offers the unique perspective of our Breast Care Specialist.

Cancer Center 2011 Annual Report
Our 2011 report features a special focus on head and neck cancer. Our otolaryngologist and speech-language pathologists have contributed to this years report to provide a comprehensive look at the specific challenges, research, treatments, as well as information and services surrounding head and neck cancer.

Cancer Clinical Trials
Help your health and help fight cancer through research: ask your doctor about cancer clinical trials available at Bozeman Deaconess Cancer Center. Learn if you are eligible to participate in research studies finding new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat your cancer.

Cancer Rehabilitation
Cancer treatments can cause side-effects, like fatigue, difficulty with memory or concentration, muscle pain, limb swelling, weakness, balance problems, swallowing or speech issues and more that may affect our quality of life. That is why we are proud to offer the STAR Program (Survivorship, Training and Rehabilitation), a nationally recognized cancer survivorship certification developed by Oncology Rehab Partners(, focused on improving the lives of survivors who suffer from the side-effects caused by treatments.

Healthy Gallatin Resource Guide for Spanish Speakers
This resource guide represents a diverse group of service providers in Park and Gallatin Counties. We hope this guide is useful to you. Please share these listings with your friends and family.
April 18 Cooking for Wellness
April 21 Aspen Roots
April 24 Cancer Rehabilitation—STAR Program
April 24 Caregiver Support Group
April 28 GYN Cancer Support
April 28 Aspen Roots
April 30 Montana Prostate Connection
May 8 Cancer Rehabilitation—STAR Program
May 8 Meaning-Centered Spirituality Group Sessions
May 15 Meaning-Centered Spirituality Group Sessions
May 22 Cancer Rehabilitation—STAR Program
May 22 Meaning-Centered Spirituality Group Sessions
May 22 Meaning-Centered Spirituality Group Sessions
May 28 Montana Prostate Connection
May 28 Bozeman Deaconess National Cancer Survivors Day Celebration
May 29 Meaning-Centered Spirituality Group Sessions
June 12 Cancer Rehabilitation—STAR Program
June 26 Cancer Rehabilitation—STAR Program
July 11 Relay for Life of Gallatin Valley
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