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Notice Regarding Unwanted Solicitation Calls Appearing to Originate from BDHS

August 21, 2014

Recently individuals throughout the U.S. have been receiving unwanted calls soliciting personal and financial information from phone numbers associated with the Montana area code (406).

Caller ID spoofing is a malicious technique where a caller masquerades as someone else by falsifying the number that appears on the recipient's caller ID.

Some of these spoofed calls may appear on the caller ID as originating from Bozeman Deaconess Health Services (most BDHS phone numbers have a 414 prefix); the caller(s) may ask for personal and financial information from the called party. This issue is not isolated to BDHS numbers and is occurring nationwide using healthcare, financial and other trusted institutions phone numbers via caller ID.

BDHS has notified the Annoyance Call Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of these calls. However, both agencies have stated that complaints need to be filed by the party who received the call. BDHS cannot file a complaint on behalf of a called party.

Should area residents receive one of these unwanted calls, please register a complaint with the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 or visit

Be aware that patients do receive legitimate calls from a variety of BDHS departments, Bozeman Deaconess Health Group clinics, registrars, Patient Financial Services, etc. In all cases, the caller will identify themselves as a BDHS employee. If you’re uncertain as to the legitimacy of a call, you should ask the caller for their name and number (most BDHS numbers have a 414 prefix, in some cases a 587 prefix), and return the call to BDHS to verify. Organizations spoofing BDHS numbers can make outgoing calls appear as if they originate from BDHS, but they cannot intercept incoming phone calls. That is, the caller on a spoofed call does not have access to, and cannot answer the call at the number appearing on Caller ID.

We thank the public for their assistance.
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